OMG: Gunman with Fully Automatic Rifle Opens Fire in Chicago Traffic in Broad Daylight (VIDEO)

Meanwhile in the liberal hell hole known as Chicago, a gunman opened fire with a fully automatic rifle in broad daylight in the Southside of Chicago, Dashcam video caught the entire incident.

A man stuck in traffic captured the horrific shooting on Thursday morning.

Dashcam video shows the man with an automatic rifle exit a red Nissan Altima and start shooting another vehicle stuck in traffic on 87th street near Lafayette Ave.

You can see the automatic rifle in the arms of the driver who got out of the car, and then a second gunmen gets out and joins him. Unbelievable this is happening on American streets, but its okay because its’ in Democrat ran Chicago with the strictest gun laws in America 🙂

Meanwhile the Chicago mayor is worried about COVID and Climate Change… Of course she is..

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