OMG: At Least 700 People Being Monitored in New York for Possible Coronavirus Symptoms

Some not so good news coming out of New York on Wednesday afternoon.

Voluntary quarantine protocols have been applied to about 700 people who returned to New York after traveling to areas affected by the coronavirus outbreak in China since Feb. 3, authorities said.

The vast majority of the travelers were deemed at medium risk for the new coronavirus, called COVID-19, because of recent travel to mainland China, New York State Health Department officials told the USA TODAY Network New York late Tuesday.

The newly reported tally reflected travelers reviewed for potential voluntary quarantine outside New York City.

None of the 700 people had symptoms, and the number of them being monitored by local health officials during a 14-day self-isolation period was changing almost daily, in part, due to ongoing travel from mainland China, state health officials said.

You can read more from our friends over at USA Today.

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