OMG: Arkansas Cardiologist Went to Work After CoronaVirus Exposure

This is a story that we have been sitting on, but now that the cat is out of the bag, here it is.

A Doctor at Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville was exposed to the first positive case of coronavirus. This according to a memo sent out to hospital staff.

The Cardiologists daughter had symptoms when she flew from New York to XNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, according to David Ratcliff Washington Regional’s Chief of Staff.

“We weren’t even aware of that until Monday morning at 8:30AM, “Ratcliff said. “The recommendations at that time is that they have to go into self-quarantine.”

Both of the patients parents are doctors, but only one works for Washington Regional.

According to Ratcliff the Cardiologist doesn’t show symptoms and hasn’t been tested.

“I asked the epidemiologist at the Arkansas Department of Health who all needs to be tested,” Ratcliff said. “If they are symptonm-free, there’s no need to test.”

An anonymous source sent local News outlets KNWA and Fox 24, a screenshot of an Instagram post from someone claiming to have the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in Fayetteville. The Post read:

“My Dad got them to process my test first,” and “I’m just lucky I have doctor parents who forced them to test me.”

According to sources the cardiologist came to work on Monday and was on site for less than two hours. The Chief Medical Officer would not comment on who the doctor had been in contact with that day.

“There are areas of confidentiality that we really don’t want to delve into,” Ratcliff said. “I will say that this Monday morning, and that phone call I received at 8:30, by 8:45, that individual was home.”

According to the CMO, the cardiologist was “Low Risk” when he came to work. According to KNWA he wouldn’t say whether he thought the doctor showed good judgement or not by coming to work.

“I’m here to express the policy of Washington Regional and our response to this event,” Ratcliff said. “I’m not here to give you my personal opinion.”

You can read more from our friends at KNWA.

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