Omar Wins Primary in DOMINANT Fashion Against Heavily Funded Opponent in Minnesota

The votes have been counted and Ilhan Omar has been announced as the winner of her primary in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District and it wasn’t even close. 

On Tuesday, the Somali-born bomb-thrower easily bested challenger Antone Melton-Meaux who ran on a message of dialing down the hatred and working to respectfully arrive at constructive solutions. 

In a contest that has now put the seal of approval on Omar’s corruption, divisiveness, and anti-Semitism, the charter member of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Squad” clobbered her challenger despite his fundraising advantage and endorsement by the area’s biggest newspaper. 

Melton-Meaux blasted Omar for her obsession with Twitter and attacking President Trump and was predicted by many to spring the upset but a late surge of assistance by Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi’s funneling money into the race were key factors in the defeat of the political newcomer. 

Omar bested her opponent by 20 points as turnout in a district that is demographically advantageous to her made the difference. 

Via Yahoo News, “Omar easily wins primary challenge as ‘the Squad’ continues unbeaten streak”:

Rep. Ilhan Omar won her Democratic primary in Minnesota Tuesday night, becoming the third member of “the Squad,” four high-profile progressive women in their first term, to beat back primary challengers.

Omar easily overcame a challenge from Black lawyer Antone Melton-Meaux, winning by nearly 20 points in the Minneapolis-area Fifth District. Melton-Meaux who had received heavy donations from the pro-Israel lobby that allowed him to dominate local television advertising and was endorsed by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Omar was targeted for comments she had made about Israel and criticisms that she was putting a national profile over the needs of her Minneapolis district.

She made headlines earlier this year when she married political consultant Tim Mynett months after denying the two of them were having an affair and had drawn scrutiny for paying his firm over $1 million during this race. Omar, previously a state legislator, won 48 percent of the vote in a primary on her way to filling the vacant seat in 2018.

“If this election showed us anything, it’s the lengths that those seeking to uphold systems of oppression will go to stop a movement that wants to put power back in the hands of people,” Omar said in a statement following her victory. “But in Minnesota, we know that organized people will always beat organized money. Tonight, our movement didn’t just win. We earned a mandate for change. Despite outside efforts to defeat us, we once again broke turnout records. Despite the attacks, our support has only grown since 2018.”

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Birdie Marie
Birdie Marie
2 years ago

Pray for us in this misguided City.