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Omar Refuses to Condemn Gays Being Stoned to Death

Ilhan Omar is as radical as a congressman or congresswoman as we’ve ever seen in our Nation’s history, there is no denying that.

She’s even called for the defunding of the Department of Homeland Security and ICE. She’s even called the conditions of illegal aliens that were “detained” and “inhumane.”

As reported by The Daily Wire, they reached out to Omar’s office on two occasions.

The Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah has stated that Sharia is going to form a “Special Guidance” from God according to Sky News.

The nation is going to introduce death by stoning as a punishment for gay sex and “amputation for those guilty of theft under sharia law, with both penalties to also apply to children once implemented.”

According to The Daily Wire, Omar’s office refused to respond to multiple requests by them on these issues. Since she’s so hell bent on pointing out things she calls “Human Rights Violations,” wouldn’t you think she would be willing to condemn death by stoning of those that are homosexual?

You can read more from our friends at The Daily Wire.

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Dean Lyall @tvSquareEyes
Dean Lyall @tvSquareEyes
1 year ago

This bitch is another face of evil. Come on New Zealand read the warnings!!! NO MORE IMPORTS IN OUR Parliament.

1 year ago

Why would a Muslims condemn the murder of Gays?

richard sifre
richard sifre
1 year ago

qu’est qu’il attend Trump pour me mettre tout ça dehors ?

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