Oklahoma Issues MANDATORY ‘Stay at Home’ Order, Curfews Enforced by County

Well the insanity continues America. Oklahoma’s Governor has issued a MANDATORY ‘Stat at Home’ order starting at 11:59 PM Wednesday.

The state of Oklahoma has now surpassed 100 cases of Coronavirus according to the Governor.

Gov. Kevin Stitt announced Tuesday that he’s issuing a “safer-at-home order” that requires all “vulnerable populations” to stay at home until April 30 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Essential travel,” such as trips to the grocery store or pharmacy, are allowed under the governor’s order.

The governor said they’d release additional details on what constitutes the “vulnerable populations,” but he noted his directive is focused on helping older people or people with compromised immune systems.

He didn’t say how, or if, the safer-at-home order would be enforced.

Stitt also said he’s restricting all gatherings of 10 or more people, effective at midnight.

“You know, the businesses have really done a good job up to this point, but I cannot emphasize enough the need for us to continue with the social distancing and making sure that we don’t get in groups of more than 10 or more,” Stitt said.

There are over 100 positive COVID-19 cases in 19 Oklahoma counties, and there have been three deaths related to the virus in Oklahoma.

In these 19 affected counties, all “nonessential businesses” must close by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday and remain closed for 21 days, the governor said.

Stitt encouraged restaurants to stay open and provide delivery or pickup orders.

You can read more from our friends at Tulsa Channel 8.

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