Oklahoma Congresswoman in Trump District will Vote for Impeachment

Apparently this Oklahoma Congresswoman doesn’t want to get re-elected. She is as delusional as the entire Democrat Party.

Trump won EVERY single county in Oklahoma in 2016, and the country and our economy are flourishing under his leadership. Did I mention The President won all 70 Counties in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Democrat Congresswoman Kendra Horn is doubling down after taking criticism and says she will still vote for impeachment, even it it means her doom of not getting re-elected in 2020.

Here is her statement below:

“I came to Congress to fight for Oklahomans and to find common ground by uniting lawmakers around bipartisan solutions – this is exactly what I’ve done and will continue to do. I did not come to Congress seeking impeachment, nor do I agree with the extreme voices on either side. I am disappointed in lawmakers on the right and left who pre-judged the outcome of this investigation, whether they condemned the President before hearing all the facts or attempted to derail the process rather than improve it.

“It is with a heavy heart, but with clarity of conviction that I have made my decision. The oath I took to protect and defend the Constitution requires a vote for impeachment. This is not a decision I came to lightly, but I must do my part to ensure our democracy remains strong.

“Our founders put in place checks and balances between three co-equal branches of government to ensure that no one is above the law. Allowing one branch or president to ignore our laws and Constitution would set a dangerous precedent.

“The articles of impeachment before us allege an abuse of power and an obstruction of Congress. Inviting foreign interference in our elections strikes at the heart of our democracy, threatens our national security, and is an abuse of power. It is never acceptable for any president, regardless of party, to ask a foreign country to put their finger on the scale of our democracy. The President obstructed Congress by withholding evidence, refusing to comply with lawful subpoenas, and prohibiting administration officials from doing so as well.

“Protecting and defending our Constitution is about preserving our democracy and systems for generations to come. We cannot allow any president of either party to abuse the power of their office or to obstruct Congress. Therefore, we must act to protect our Constitution, the integrity of our elections, and our national security.”

“Kendra Horn is putting her loyalty to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party ahead of the wishes of her constituents. Horn’s deranged quest to remove President Trump from office erases any slim chance she had of being reelected next November.”

The House is expected to start debating Wednesday after the Rules Committee sets the parameters. A full House vote is expected before the holiday recess.

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