OJ Simpson Says “A Woman Has a Right To Her Own Body”

This isn’t satire, and yes it’s quite comical, but OJ Simpson now says “A woman has a right to her own body” as he tries to now become a social media content creator standing against the overturn of Roe v Wade.

Our good friends Keith and Kevin, you know them as the Hodge Twins have an amazing take on this group of hilarious!

Kevin: “OJ Simpson who got away with murder is a content creator…”

Keith: “Well, he found not guilty… By the constitution, he’s not guilty.”

Kevin: “Nah, he pulled the race card and he got off, cause the jury is a bunch of idiots.”

Keith: “Well the cop did say…”

Kevin: “That don’t mean OJ is innocent, how you say some shit… 10 years for a trial and you drop the N word and automatically the person who Is accused of murder is innocent, yeah that makes a lot of sense.”

Keith: “Do I remember that correctly?”

Kevin: “Yeah, they delegitimize his testimony”

Keith: “Cause he said the N word…”

Kevin: “Yeah cause he like to drop the N word.”

*long ass pause*

Keith: “That’s our legal system”

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