OH MY: New York Times Deletes Shocking Biden Tweet

On Sunday, the New York Times finally reported on former Vice President Joe Biden’s sexual assault accusation. 

Many days before the Times reported on the accusation, former Biden staffer Tara Reade said that in 1993 Biden “pinned her to a wall in a Senate building, reached under her clothing and penetrated her with his fingers.”

The Times reports:

A friend said that Ms. Reade told her the details of the allegation at the time. Another friend and a brother of Ms. Reade’s said she told them over the years about a traumatic sexual incident involving Mr. Biden.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Biden said the allegation was false. In interviews, several people who worked in the Senate office with Ms. Reade said they did not recall any talk of such an incident or similar behavior by Mr. Biden toward her or any women. Two office interns who worked directly with Ms. Reade said they were unaware of the allegation or any treatment that troubled her.

Last year, Ms. Reade and seven other women came forward to accuse Mr. Biden of kissing, hugging or touching them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. Ms. Reade told The Times then that Mr. Biden had publicly stroked her neck, wrapped his fingers in her hair and touched her in ways that made her uncomfortable.

The Times, who is all too giddy to report on anything that is somewhat negative for President Trump, stated that after speaking to Reade and “nearly two dozen people who worked with Mr. Biden during the early 1990s, including many who worked with Ms. Reade; and the other seven women who criticized Mr. Biden last year, to discuss their experiences with him,” they made the conclusion that there is “no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden.” 

Check out their original passage which was tweeted on the New York Times’ Twitter account:

No other allegation of sexual assault surfaced in the course of our reporting, nor did any former Biden staffer corroborate Reade’s allegation. We found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden, beyond hugs, kisses, and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable.

Within minutes of posting this passage on Twitter, the Times must have realized that it could have been worded differently to make Biden look better. 

They revised the passage, without explanation, to read this: “No other allegation about sexual assault surfaced in the course of reporting, nor did any former Biden staff members corroborate any details of Ms. Reade’s allegation. The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden.”

The Daily Wire reports:

The portion that suddenly vanished without explanation — “beyond hugs, kisses, and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable” — sparked widespread criticism online, particularly after the Times revised the passage in the report but left the tweet up. The tweet was eventually deleted Sunday.

The only acknowledgement from the Times that they revised the passage came in a vague tweet noting that one of the tweets on the report (the one highlighting the passage) had been deleted because it “had some imprecise language that has been changed in the story.”

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