OH MY: Laura Loomer’s Lawsuit Exposes Facebook as Publisher!

Laura Loomer’s lawsuit has exposed the tech giants at Facebook.

Facebook just admitted in a federal document that they are, indeed, a publisher, not a platform, and they are demanding First Amendment protections from Laura Loomer’s defamation lawsuit. This means, Mark Zuckerberg lied to Congress.

In the motion, Facebook says, “to the extent Ms. Loomer’s claim targets Facebook’s decision to deactivate her accounts, it is also deficient. Under well-established law, neither Facebook nor any other publisher can be liable for failing to publish someone else’s Facebook also says,”

Loomer claims Facebook labeled her as a ‘dangerous’ person who promotes hate – yet, the First Amendment has long protected such statements because they are opinions that are not capable of being proven true or false.”

Zuckerberg told Congress he does not believe that Facebook is a media company. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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