OH MY: Epstein & Maxwell Operated Company Tied to Clinton’s and Rothschilds..

In news that probably won’t shock you, it has been brought to our attention that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghisliane Maxwell operated a mysterious company called TerraMar that has ties to the Clinton machine.

The company TerraMar pushed for the United Nations to issue passports for the ocean, listed in Manhattan property owned by the Rothschilds as a base, and was of course funded by the Clinton Foundation.

There are more and more eerie details that continue to come out after Maxwell’s arrest on July 2nd, 2020.

Maxwell of course famous for her relationship with the late convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, now seems to have possibly been the actual mastermind. Her Father with ties to multiple intelligence agencies, and even said to be a triple spy. Six former heads of the Israeli intelligence agency attended her fathers funeral, just for transparency.

The following is from our friends at Newspunch.com

Property connections and submarine operations aren’t typical and a wild quest to have the UN issue “passports for the ocean” is just weird. Her family history alone puts her in a league above most other international elites.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s mysterious company TerraMar, which closed down permanently just six days after Epstein’s arrest, appears to tie much of it together.

After her arrest this month on child sex trafficking crimes, multiple plaintiffs have connected her to highly evolved pedophile and human trafficking rings. After the death of Robert Maxwell, her father, in 1991 she moved to a Manhattan Property owned by Lynn Foreseter de Rothschild, who’s husband is the British mega banker Evelyn Robert de Rothschild. The property is also listed as the base for TerraMar.

The TerraMar Project was non-profit company that Ghislaine Maxwell started in 2012. Jeffrey Epstein and various other high power financiers funded the venture.

The company described itself as an ocean conservation group but it shut down by 2019 over sex trafficking crimes stemming from Epstein’s arrest.

It was only six days after Jeffrey Epstein was brought into custody that the firm annonced it was shutting down permenantly.

Is it even remotely shocking that this story is true, and it actually exists? It’s like you know the playbook, they tell you what’s happening, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

You can read more from our friends at News Punch.

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