Official Statement on General Flynn Pardon Released from White House FULL CLEMENCY GRANTED!

Amazing what 24 hours can do for a movement. On a day that saw multiple judges turn the tide for President Trumps campaign to overturn mounds of evidence of voter fraud, giving the President a chance to take back Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, among others, this also happened.

President Trump pardoned the revered General Michael Flynn and ended nearly four years of Democrats harassment and destruction of his family.

General Flynn Tweeted this message just moments ago.

This “Pardon of Innocence” is historic, sincerely appreciated & should never happen in our country again. I will issue a personal statement later today. My family issued one yesterday.

Thank you America 🇺🇸 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 😀🇺🇸 1 Chronicles 16:32–34 💪🙏

Here is the official statement from The White House:

What a week this continues to be for conservative Americans. God is always Good!

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H Stander
H Stander
1 year ago

Love love love, I want the crooked Obummer/SleezyBiden and their hound dogs to be hunted down and every dime it cost him for his defence to be reimbursed with interest.

Jeffrey Horrocks
Jeffrey Horrocks
1 year ago

I am extremely proud of President Trump for pardoning General Flynn.
I am extremely proud of General Flynn for his excellent service to the United States of America.