Officer Involved In Breonna Taylor Shooting Is Taking Legal Action Against People Who Slander Him As A “Murderer”

For some reason, the ‘mainstream media’ and their unhinged left-wing pundit class feel like they can say anything about someone and accuse them of the most horrific things – without evidence, without proof, and without thought to the consequences.

Well, one Louisville, Kentucky police sergeant begs to differ. 

Jonathan Mattingly, one of three officers who were involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting, has had enough of people calling him a “murderer” – especially since he’s officially been cleared of any such charges by a grand jury of his peers this week.

As such, he says he’s preparing to take legal action against anyone who calls him a murderer from this day forward, as Fox News reported Friday:

Attorney Todd McMurtry told Fox News in a statement Friday that Mattingly is suing people he alleges “slandered him by calling him a ‘murderer.’”

Mattingly was one of multiple officers who served a no-knock warrant at 26-year-old Breonna Taylor’s home during a botched drug investigation on March 13. State Attorney General Daniel Cameron said that the officers did knock and announce themselves before entering, but Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, thought they were intruders and fired his gun at them, hitting Mattingly in the leg.

The officers fired at least 30 shots, shooting Taylor, an emergency medical technician, six times and killing her. No drugs were found at the scene. Only former LMPD officer Brett Hankison was indicted in the case. He was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for shooting his gun into a neighbor’s home where a family was sleeping, but not in the shooting death of Taylor.

In fact, McMurtry on Thursday posted a 44-second video supplied by Mattingly showing the police sergeant in the tense moments immediately after he was wounded by Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker (who was initially charged with shooting a police officer but whose charges have since been dropped – go figure), clipping his femoral artery, which had to be surgically repaired.

This is the raw video of Louisville officer Sgt. John Mattingly shortly after Kenneth Walker shot him. They called him a “murderer,” when all he did was defend himself. #BreonnaTaylor— Todd V. McMurtry (@ToddMcMurtry) September 24, 2020

“They called him a ‘murderer,’ when all he did was defend himself,” McMurtry tweeted.

He also tweeted Wednesday that “anyone who called these honorable men ‘murderers’ needs to retract and apologize immediately.”

It should also be noted, again, virtually every other media outlet reporting on this is wrong; the officers were not engaging in a “no-knock” raid. As Fox News correctly reported, state Attorney General Daniel Cameron made that perfectly clear earlier this week during a news conference when he announced that no charges would be lodged against anyone other than Hankison.

Officers were instructed to knock, which they did. They were instructed to announce themselves as police, which they did. How do we know? Because Cameron said a witness to the incident corroborated those two facts.

Only after no one inside Taylor’s apartment responded, and only after nearly a minute, did the officers employ a battering ram to get the door open. And that’s when Mattingly was shot.

That Taylor lost her life is, of course, a tragedy. But leftists are compounding that tragedy by pushing for American citizens to be punished on the basis of lies and skin color, the very definition of racism.

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Off Topic: When will #Truth be told about Biden’s wife & daughter’s automobile accident? She was at fault & caused the accident according to police reports. The story about a “drunk truck driver” being responsible is false. He was tested. No alcohol, yet Biden’s appeal for sympathy has has continued for decades. And the lie is being run on a loop on MSM now.