Ocasio-Cortez Demands A Raise for Congress

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not only wants a pay raise, she is now lecturing Americans who do not think lawmakers deserve an additional $4,500 per year.

House Democrats are pushing to give members of Congress an outrageous pay raise.

The Democrats $1 trillion spending package would give congressional lawmakers (both in the House and Senate) a $4,500 bump-up from their annual salaries of $174,000.

“Members of Congress generally make $174,000 per year, with senior leaders earning more, and no cost-of-living adjustments have been made in the past nine years. However, vulnerable swing-state Democrats, concerned how the proposed $4,500 pay hike would look if it didn’t also have Republican support, had signed onto amendments rejecting the measure,” reports Fox News.

In response, Ocasio-Cortez is demanding the raise and firing back at those who are against it:

It’s not even like a raise,” Ocasio-Cortez said. She called opposition to the pay increase “superficial. … This is why there’s so much pressure to turn to lobbying firms and to cash in on member service after people leave, because precisely of this issue.”

“It may be politically convenient, and it may make you look good in the short term for saying, ‘Oh we’re not voting for pay increases,’ but we should be fighting for pay increases for every American worker,” she added. “We should be fighting for a $15 minimum wage pegged to inflation so that everybody in the United States with a salary with a wage gets a cost of living increase. Members of Congress, retail workers, everybody should get cost of living increases to accommodate for the changes in our economy. And then when we don’t do that, it only increases the pressure on members to exploit loopholes like insider-trading loopholes, to make it on the back end.”

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