OBSTRUCTION: Chicago Mayor Refuses to Work with ICE

More liberal madness coming from the Windy City.

Chicago’s new mayor is now doing everything in her power to protect illegal aliens from being deported.

Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot is refusing to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as it seeks to deport illegal immigrants in cities across America.

ICE has promised to begin the task of large-scale deportation this weekend but Lightfoot tweeted Friday that “Chicago has taken concrete steps to support our immigrant communities.”

Here is Lightfoot’s full statement on Twitter obstructing justice and refusing to work with ICE.

We are all aware of the threat from President Trump regarding raids by ICE, and in response, Chicago has taken concrete steps to support our immigrant communities.

I have directed – and Superintendent Johnson has confirmed – that CPD has terminated ICE’s access to CPD’s databases related to federal immigration enforcement activities.

I have also personally spoken with ICE leadership in Chicago and voiced my strong objection to any such raids. Further, I reiterated that CPD will not cooperate with or facilitate any ICE enforcement actions.

Chicago will always be a welcoming city and a champion for the rights of our immigrant and refugee communities, and I encourage any resident in need of legal aid to contact the National Immigrant Justice Center (@NIJC). More info here:

Why isn’t she being arrested for obstructing Federal authorities?

You can read more from our friends over at ILoveMyFreedom.org

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Libtards Suckass
Libtards Suckass
3 years ago

Mayor Lightgoot will be held Liable if my family is harmed by an illegal immigrant.I will use the living shit out of that Dude