Obama Tries to Take Credit for the Trump Economy, Fails Miserably

Even with unemployment at record lows, the economy continues to surpass expectations. In January the economy added 225,000 jobs, smashing expectations of 158,000, and marking the best monthly jobs gain in five years. The unemployment rate increased slightly to 3.6% – but only because more people are re-joining the labor force (and will likely be employed shortly). The employment to population ratio rose to its highest level since November 2008.

That’s just the latest good economic news in a presidency that’s been characterized by countless economic records. And taking credit for it all…. is Barack Obama.

Yesterday was the eleven year anniversary of Obama signing his so-called economic stimulus package into law, which he credited for the longest streak of job creation in American history.

This comes just days after a Gallup poll found that most American voters credit Trump, not Obama for the booming economy.

Contrary to Obama’s claim, the stimulus was hardly the “magic wand” he’s advertising it to be. I wrote a detailed rebuttal of the stimulus in 2018, all of which is applicable today in demonstrating the objective failure that the stimulus was. That is republished below (with data updated accordingly when necessary).

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