Obama Says Democrats Anti-Trump Fixation is Killing Their Party as 45th President Lives Rent Free in Their Heads

In a recent podcast, former President Barack Obama went after Democrats for their anti-Trump fixation, and said that it’s hurting their party, and they can’t seem to stop talking about it.

“We spend enormous amounts of time and energy and resources pointing out the latest crazy thing he said, or how rude or mean some of the Republican candidates behaved,” Obama said on a recent podcast. “That’s probably not something that, in the minds of most voters, overrides their basic interests: Can I pay the rent? What are gas prices? How am I dealing with child care?”

He’s not wrong, and if Democrats don’t listen to him, they’re going to be absolutely obliterated in the 2022 upcoming midterm elections.

The good thing for Conservatives, is Democrats don’t listen, and they are absolutely infatuated with President Donald John Trump.

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Obama though is still off base, as he also said they should rally behind the Biden agenda.

“The Biden administration has accomplished a lot,” he said. “You’ve got a historic infrastructure bill that’s going to help rebuild America and create jobs all across the country. You’ve got an inflation control act that is lowered prescription drug prices, has made sure that health care is even more affordable through the ACA, that is looking at lowering energy costs.”

Right now it seems Biden’s only agenda is hurting middle class Americans, and folks are very angry about that. High gas prices, record inflation, job losses, war in Ukraine, empty shelves, wide open southern border, should we continue?

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