Obama Said Dr. Seuss is “The Best Teacher” in Past Interviews (VIDEO)

My how we tend to forget when cancel culture comes for you. As you may know, the idiot sticks in the mainstream media and the radical left are now trying to tell you that Dr. Seuss children’s books are racist. Shocker, I know.

Back in a 2016 interview, former President and darling of the left Barack Obama said “pretty much all the stuff you need to know is in Dr. Seuss.”

Really? I haven’t heard this portrayed in the mainstream media this week, have you? I wonder why? Oh, that’s right, because it doesn’t fit the narrative of cancelling one of Americas most beloved children’s books and authors.

Obama tells the listening interns that the Star-Belly Sneetches showed him “we’re all the same, so why would we treat somebody differently?” And as if that wasn’t a brilliant enough analogy, he then goes on to muse about the nature of responsibility that he learned from Horton Hatches the Egg.

In books, Obama says, you will find all the “homespun basic virtues” that turn out to be totally true when you grow up.

So what changed? The left changed, they are even more hate filled and vitriol than ever before.

Here’s Barack Obama reading “Green Eggs and Ham.”

I’m not a fan of Barack Obama, but it sure would be nice if he would step up and say something, smash these clowns back for their idiocy, and he’d be respected in doing so.

But see, here lies the problem. Democrats always stick together, always. Conservatives unfortunately fight amongst themselves and turn on each other, a reason we continue to lose in Washington, D.C.

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