Obama Ranked Better President Than George Washington by Most Democrats: Poll

We all know that the radical left is insane, and here’s a poll that proves it.

A majority of Democratic voters polled recently said Barack Obama was a better president than George Washington, Monmouth University reported Tuesday.

Conducted from Dec. 4-8, the survey involved asking more than 900 respondents to answer: “Who was a better president: George Washington or Barack Obama?”

Among all registered voters, 58% named Washington as the better president compared to 33% who picked Mr. Obama.

Most respondents identified as Democrats picked President Trump’s predecessor over the Founding Father, however. Among all Democrats, 29% said Washington and 63% said Mr. Obama.

Monmouth said the survey question was “inspired” by a recent Economist/YouGov Poll that similarly asked respondents to compare Mr. Trump to several fellow Republican presidents who served before him. Poised to pick between Mr. Trump and Abraham Lincoln, 53% of Republicans surveyed named the current president as the better of the two, that poll found.

You can read more from our friends at The Washington Times.

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