OANN CEO Robert Herring Says Someone Close to Elon Musk Says He Wants to Talk About Buying the Network, Must Denies Rumor

The CEO of One America New Network, Robert Herring, tweeted out Thursday morning that someone very close to Elon Musk says he would like to talk to the network about acquiring them. Elon Musk commented shortly after with “Only Twitter.”

We just received a call from somebody very close to@elonmusk telling us that he would like to talk to us about purchasing @OANN.

Musk quickly responded with the following:

You know what they say folks, where there is smoke, there is fire. This is yet another interesting question and twist in the What’s Elon up to segment of every week.

What are your thoughts, do you think Musk should buy a network also?

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Libtards R. Stooopid
Libtards R. Stooopid
11 months ago

I miss OANN… Evidently not enough folks are signing up for their 5 bucks a month live feed stuff so they need to create a “buzz” – whether it’s real or not… and I don’t think Musk would be interested or considering OANN at this time – he’s got enough BS on his plate with the whole Twotter thing…

11 months ago

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