NYC Tent City for Migrants Includes Free Wifi, Video Games, Foosball, and Popcorn Makers!

It’s good to be in America if you aren’t an American. No one treats you better if you are an illegal alien than Democrats and liberal cities. However they could care less about the nearly 1 million homeless in the United States, of the fact that there are thousands sleeping outside in the freezing cold in cities like New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Boston, and on and on we go.

If you’re not an America however they’ll take great care of you! Isn’t that right Mayor Adams? How about you Mayor Bowser? How about you Mayor Lightfoot? Oh, that’s correct, we’ve got them covered!

Since Republican border state governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona had enough of the Biden shenanigans and started bussing tens of thousands of illegals to liberal cities, Democrats finally have decided to welcome them with open arms it seems.

To relieve their already overcrowded homeless shelters because they do such a fantastic job running their cities, New York Mayor Eric Adams has set up a tent city solely for newly arrived illegal aliens on Randall’s Island. By the way, if you’re reading this story on another site, and they’re still calling them “migrants” they’re cowards and you should stick with us. We call it like it it is, and they’re criminals breaking the law. They’re also illegal aliens, and we refuse to dumb it down with the liberal politically correct term “migrants.” Any site claiming to be honest or conservative doing that is a fraud.

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Randall’s Island which sits between Queens and Manhattan is now the new home for these illegal aliens in The Big Apple.

New photos now show a massive tent city full of amenities for migrants that most Americans can’t afford. They’ve got recreation rooms, laundry services, and stocked cafeterias. You’ve got to be shitting us, this is madness.

But don’t worry New York, keep voting Democrat, because it’s all paid for with your tax dollars. That’s right New Yorkers, this vacation is on you!

The tent city will begin hosting 500 single male migrants, because why wouldn’t it, I mean there were so many women and children crossing the border over the last year in those photos, right? Yes, I’m being a sarcastic prick, and I’m fine with that.

The tent city features 24/7 snacks, coffee, and tea as well as Xbox game consoles, televisions, couches, popcorn makers, foosball tables, board games, phones for international calls so you can encourage others to come on over to the land of free shit, and let’s not forget the free wifi that all of us are paying for!

Tent City, officials say, could eventually house 1,000 illegal aliens, who knows, maybe it’ll just become it’s own badass mainstay in the middle of New York?

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