NUT JOB: John Cusack Complains Police Attacked Him as He Hangs Out with RIOTERS

John Cusack is one of the biggest idiot sticks on the planet. He’s a liberal tool, and a never trumping clown.

Saturday night he thought he’d hang out with the rioters in Chicago and was upset when Police ran him off. They should have ran him off, he’s inciting violence and encouraging the mob to attack cities across America.

Cusack was upset because the Police ran him off while he filmed a police car on fire celebrating it.

But tough guy John Cusack wasn’t done, then he went on to attack the President and make threats against him.

Then he just kept going..

What are your thoughts about John Cusack threatening President Trump, and attacking the Police in America for doing their jobs?

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Shelia Rainey-Knox
Shelia Rainey-Knox
1 year ago

John Cousak is a leftist idiot, but then he can afford to be whatever puts him in the headlines for 5 minutes of fame.