NTSB to Investigate Massive Crash in California that Killed 13 Illegal Immigrants

ICE along with the National Transportation Safety Board are conducting a human smuggling investigation after a deadly crash in California kills 13.

The investigators were supposed to arrive in Southern California on Wednesday to probe the previous days fatal crash involving an SUV that was said to be carrying 25 people. Thirteen died in the deadly crash.

The NTSB and the California Highway Patrol will begin their investigation from the morning crash that happened in Holtville, California.

At least three NTSB agents will be scouring the scene. The departments investigator-in-charge is expected to arrive first.

A California Highway Patrol report said the SUV entered an intersection directly in front of the big rig, which hit the left side of the SUV. Both vehicles came to a halt on a dirt shoulder.

Twelve people were found dead when first responders reached the two-lane highway. Another person died at a hospital, California Highway Patrol Chief Omar Watson said.

It’s not clear if the SUV ran a stop sign or had stopped before entering the highway. It’s also not yet known how fast the tractor-trailer was traveling.

The speed limit for tractor-trailers on the highway is 55 mph, according to CHP spokesperson Sanchez. The other road is also 55 mph.

 A 1997 Ford Expedition can carry a maximum payload of 2,000 pounds. If it had 25 people inside, that would easily exceed the payload limit, which taxes the brakes and makes it tougher to steer, said Frank Borris, former head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Defects Investigation.

“Special agents from Homeland Security Investigations San Diego responded … and have initiated a human smuggling investigation,” the agency said in a statement, adding that other details weren’t being released.

This is a developing story, we’ll keep it updated accordingly. You can read more from our friends at Fox News.

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