“Not Worth the Risk” Big Pharma Panicking Covid Vaccines Will Not Get FDA Approval by Sept 30 Deadline

While the government *thinks* it has a better right to mandate forced vaccinations if it’s FDA approved, the truth is there isn’t a universe that it should. It’s simply not cost effective to risk all these short term side effects for a vaccine that doesn’t stop you from getting the virus. The Swine flu vax was pulled when only 3 people died after the shot, even with the underreported numbers coming from Vaers it’s obvious the Covid “vaccine” is much, much, much worse than that. Panic seems to be setting in amongst vaccine manufacturers as newly leaked documents reveal countries across the world can legally back out of their contracts, if it doesn’t receive FDA approval by September 30th. Documents also reveal that the Covid vaccine will lose its emergency status if other medications prove to be effective in curing the virus. Makes sense now why Governors like mine in Nevada restricted the use of Hydrochloroquine and the media buried the effectiveness of Ivermectin, doesn’t it? They wouldn’t be able to test it out on humans at all.

If Pfizer can’t get FDA approval, then all the countries they have contracts with can walk away and be free of a vaccine that doesn’t work anyway, and who no new people are being convinced to take. If you wanted it, you got it, if you were waiting to see if it works and if it had negative effects…then you’re definitely not getting it now. Their only hope now is to suppress all the negative effects and everyone who is against taking it. These are things we’ve always suspected, but now know for sure because someone accidentally leaked the contract Pfizer has with all the other countries. Turns out someone in Brazil uploaded it to their government website…I don’t know if it was unintentional or some amazing white hat thing, but nevertheless “thank you.” It’s been painstakingly analyzed and verified, you can check it out all “here.” Also as I mentioned in the contract, is how if a safer better medication comes along to cure Covid, Pfizer loses its emergency use. That’s right, they’d rather you die then get better, so they can make money on this experimental “vaccine” they’re jamming down your throat. For future reference people, maybe it’s never a good idea to take the “cure” from the same people that made a disease on purpose to kill you.

Big Pharma would rather make a profit than do what’s best for your health, and after this year I don’t think that could be much clearer. In one of the most predatory, one sided, full release of any possible liability contracts I’ve ever seen, Pfizer also states that they know it’s an untested product with unknown side effect and risks. Strange how you can’t post a single thing about Covid anywhere online, without getting flagged about “how safe” it is….even though they clearly admit here that they don’t know.

Last week, the head of the CDC (who Biden appointed of course) asserted a power she does not have and passed a “law” to extend the rent moratorium. Problem is that only legislators can pass laws, and extending the moratorium on rent with extending it on mortgages means that landlords across this nation not only still have to find a way to pay the bank or lose their house, but have no control to evict problem renters from their own private property. When asked during an interview, Biden originality he knew the moratorium wasn’t quite legal but was for it anyway, for which his handlers must have gotten hold of him because he later flipped his stance and decided he did think it was legal (the Supreme Court ruled it wasn’t) but on Friday District Court Dabney Friedrich refused to block it against the wishes of property owners. What’s interesting to note, is that the CDC didn’t assert this authority because they were worried about people being homeless (I guess they don’t care about the landlords being homeless) they’re doing it because they still believe there’s a “public health crisis.”

This of not a “crisis.” People aren’t dropping dead in the streets, and we aren’t just going to stay indoors for the rest of our lives until no one ever dies of the flu again. Flu and pneumonia have always been one of the top causes of death in this country. If there’s a shortage of hospital beds and workers than maybe you shouldn’t be forcing healthcare workers to take this untested jab or be fired:

Feels more like they’re more worried damaging information against them will coming out, between the Maricopa County fraud they proved through counterfeit duplicated ballots that all had the same serial number, to the 74,000 mail-in ballots they “received” that were never sent out. If I were a betting person and why the CDC is freaking out and attacking anyone that’s vocal about not trusting the vaccine, I’d say it has to do with the fact they only have till September 30 to get full FDA approval or their contracts with countries from around the world can be voided and they’ll lose their shirts.

They tried so hard to unroll it as fast as they could and censor all the side effects, before people realized it was worse than what it was supposed to be curing. It also didn’t take that long for people to release it doesn’t even stop you from getting covid:

No one wants to take this thing, everyone who’s already wanted it has got it, the people that don’t want it will never get it, and the people that are waiting to see how it turned out for others are probably DEFINITELY not going to get it now. If this gets full FDA approval after it’s killed and injured more people than all the other vaccines combines over the last 20 years…We the People are know something’s wrong. And don’t bother “fact checking” it either, you know those sites have no problem lying. The Chinese Communist Party and Mark Zuckerberg fund Lead Stories by the way:

Maybe you should get started then.
Notice that it doesn’t say that he didn’t die of it…but that “no one” has. A lie.

Here are 10 questions you even think of taking the vaccine: https://thedcpatriot.com/10-questions-everyone-should-be-asking-about-the-covid-vaccine/

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