‘No More Sagging’ Campaign Offers FREE Belts to High School Students with Sagging Pants

A South Carolina high school has apparently seen enough ass cracks, and they are making a change. They’ve launched a “No More Sagging” campaign, and are even offering their students free belts for those with sagging pants.

The “No More Sagging” campaign encourages teens to dress appropriately by pulling up their pants using a free belt that’ offered to them. Perhaps maybe their parents should also be offered belts and a swift kick in the ass?

The initiative was started by Thomas Ravenell and Charles Tyler three years ago, according to WCIV-TV. The big belt giveaway is taking place at North Charleston High School in North Charleston, South Carolina, where Ravenell serves as a mentor to students.

Ravenell told the WCIV on Aug. 22 that the goal of the program is to teach young men about “manhood” and “carrying themselves with “respect.” He shared with the local media outlet that students returning to school purchased new clothes and shoes but they didn’t have a belt to wear with them.

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Ravenell and Tyler have given away more than 30 belts within the first few days of school at North Charleston High School, according to WCIV.

“If you want respect, you must first respect yourself. With your pants sagging, it shows a negative attitude towards you. So we want to teach the children that if you want to be respected, and if you want respect, then you have to give it,” Ravenell told WCIV.

Back in 2016, Timmonsville, South Carolina officials passed an ordinance that would fine people for earring them. Mayor Pro Team William James, Jr. said at the time of the ordinance it was about “integrity and respecting yourself.”

Under the ordinance, a first violation was a verbal warning from the authorities. The second infraction is a written warning for the person and their name listed in a law enforcement registry. But if you get a third violation, you’re issue a citation and it’s a $100 to $600 fine based on the judge’s discretion. I like this sound of this.

This should honestly be a nationwide campaign, where is Black Lives Matter? They’ve taken in about $1 Billion so far, couldn’t they lead this campaign, that would actually do some good in the community and help teach young men to be adults. Nah, that’s too much common sense for those worthless frauds and clowns.

Thanks to Fox 32 in Chicago for contributing to this article.

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Aunt Jemama
Aunt Jemama
5 months ago

About god damn time. Part of the problem todays world is lack of respect. For self! Nobody wants to see that Ghetto ass crack shlt. While ur at it. Do something about those lazy ass women with shower caps. We all know you hate your frzzy hair. 90% of black woman have a weave or wig. Want respect and to be treated fairly please dress like you deserve it.