Nicholas Sandmann’s Family Hires High Powered Libel & Slander Attorney Lin Wood

The Media is about to get a dose of what they’ve been dishing out to America for the last two years. It’s coming by way of the “Attorney for the Damned.”

The family of 16-year-old Nicholas Sandmann, having already contracted Kentucky’s largest public relations firm to help repair his image after a viral incident outside the Lincoln Memorial, on Thursday hired a Georgia attorney known for aggressive libel and slander suits against media organizations.

L. Lin Wood, nicknamed “attorney for the damned” by former CBS anchor Dan Rather, visited the Sandmann family earlier in the day, according to a news release from Sandmann family attorney Todd McMurtry.

“He is committed to bringing justice to 16-year-old Nick Sandmann and his family,” McMurtry wrote.

That justice might be green and made of 75 percent cotton.

Wood “often (seeks) eye-popping damages for those he believes have been libeled or slandered in the press,” according to a 2011 Washington Post articleabout his defense of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. (Cain had been facing accusations of sexual harassment that derailed his campaign.)

Other notable clients include the family of JonBenet Ramsey, who were suspects in the child pageant queen’s murder, and Richard Jewell, a Centennial Olympic Park guard misidentified as having bombed his workplace in 1996.

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