NFL Won’t Fine Kneelers, But Just Fined Player For Donating To Charity

Ezekiel Elliott is arguably the best running back in the National Football League and he’s both a recognizable and controversial figure. However, there should have been nothing controversial about one of his latest touchdown celebrations where he donated money to the Salvation Army and also gave them a ton of exposure.

You could see why they might throw a penalty flag there. Technically, you aren’t supposed to do that. But, you wouldn’t think Ezekiel would be fined, right?

Well, he was.

From Fox News:

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott fired back at the NFL after being fined more than $13,000 for dropping a $21 donation into a Salvation Army kettle after scoring a touchdown during the team’s Thanksgiving Day victory over the Washington Redskins.
The league deemed Elliott’s touchdown celebration unsportsmanlike and docked him $13,369, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Which begs the question. How in the world does it make sense to fine a player for supporting a charity while they don’t fine players for kneeling for the anthem?

A lot of people on Twitter were wondering the same thing.

The national anthem argument has gotten pretty boring and it’s clear that most of the players have moved on. Still, it’s never a waste of energy to focus on the hypocrisy of the NFL which will seemingly never stop.

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