NFL Player Says He Would Rather Retire Than Take COVID-19 Vaccine

A Buffalo Bills player has liberals in a frenzy after stating he would rather retire than take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cole Beasley has made his intentions clear on his stance on the NFL’s new vaccine protocols, saying he would rather retire than get the COVID-19 shots.

“Everyone — Hi, I’m Cole Beasley and I’m not vaccinated!,” he wrote in a post Friday that he called a “Public Service Announcement.”

“I will be outside doing what I do,” Beasley added. “I’ll be out in the public. If your scared of me then steer clear, or get vaccinated. Point. Blank. Period. I may die of covid, but I’d rather die actually living.”

The defiant tweet comes on the same week the NFL sent teams a memo highlighting different protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated.

The NFL is still testing players every two weeks, even if they are vaccinated, which poses the question, why even get vaccinated?

Beasley tweeted: “I’m not going to take meds for a leg that isn’t broken. I’d rather take my chances with Covid and build up my immunity that way. Eat better. Drink water. Exercise and do what I think is necessary to be a healthy individual. That is MY CHOICE based on MY experiences and what I think is best.”

“If I’m forced into retirement,” he added, “so be it.”

“I feel for you and I’m hoping I’m doing my part to represent you guys well,” wrote Beasley, who was named second team All-Pro last season for the first time in his nine-year career.

The Leagues minicamps are starting this week. Teams that are 85% vaccinated can relax mandated health and safety protocols, yes they’re that stupid.

“Everybody’s tired of meeting out here and eating outside and doing all those things we had to do last year,” Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians told reporters on Thursday.”

It’s still a personal choice, but I don’t see a reason not to be vaccinated.”

What are your thoughts America, do you agree with Beasley?

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