NFL Owner Jerry Jones Could be Fined by NFL Over His HILARIOUS Halloween Costume

Jerry Jones, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, had a great time at a Halloween party over the weekend. But, ​the NFL (No-Fun League) might not think his recent party duds aren’t so funny.

Jones attended the party dressed as a blind NFL referee, complete with dark sunglasses, a striped shirt, whistle, cap and a walking stick. His niece snapped a photo for her social media, and it went viral shortly after that.

The joke was clearly on the refs, who are routinely criticized by owners, players, and fans alike for their questionable calls on the field. Let’s hope they don’t call a foul on Jones for this play.

There is a problem that the NFL has rules when it comes to criticizing or being critical of their officials in the black and white. There was a 2019 league memo that states, “Comments regarding the quality of officiating, individual call or missed calls, the league’s officiating department, an officiating crew or an individual game official accusing game officials of acting with bias or in any way questioning the integrity of NFL games officials; or posting negative or derogatory or demanding content pertaining to officiating on social media.

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When asked if he was making fun of the refs, Jones answered, “I’m being very careful here because I’m getting really close to a fine. It shows how much I love them to dress up as them, how much I respect their decision-making. I had the cane and everything. And I used it on some people, too. He added, I might be right on the edge of offending the refs.”

Stephen Jones came to his father’s defense. He is the CEO and Executive VP of the cowboys and told a sports radio show, “I do thing they, the refs, understand you can have some humor with this stuff, but I can’t imagine they don’t think there’s nothing but respect that comes out of the Cowboys organization in terms of how difficult their job is and what a good job they do, as well.”

The league memo said not to post negative or derogatory or demeaning content, and Jerry Jones didn’t. A member of his family did.

It also said not to say anything accusatory about the refs, and Jerry Jones didn’t.

And, in fact, it was a joke. It seems that fans have appreciated the sense of humor of an 80-year-old billionaire who was just pulling a prank on fellow NFL figures.

The notion that the NFL might possibly punish Jones for his “blind referee” Halloween costume prank that went viral is probably not very likely.

If you have ever wondered why coaches usually decline to comment in press conferences about the refs, it’s literally against the rules.

It is good to see someone that enjoys his job and his work, and I think that describes Jerry Jones.

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