Newspeak, Race, and How Orwell Got it Right.

Words form the basis for our perception of people, things and issues. For this reason — words matter! Nobody was more aware of this fact than George Orwell. “Newspeak” was Orwell’s term eluding to the concept of changing people’s perceptions based on word and thought manipulation.

No other word or concept has garnered more attention than the term “racist”. All one needs to do is tag an individual with the term “racist” and said individual can be potentially ruined indefinitely.

Leftists have become masters of Newspeak to the point of actually believing their own nonsensical dialog. I realize I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but this is obviously dangerous for a plethora of reasons.

As we are already aware, leftists often use the term “racist” when they lack any valid or credible base for their argument. Some of this can be attributed to believing their own tripe — some to simple frustration when they try to debate actual facts.

The term “racist” has been so flagrantly overused, and misused, that it has lost almost all relevance or meaning. Now, forever more, anyone who may experience actual race issues will not garner the credibility they may need. So — congratulations leftists for creating a real life “Boy Who Cried Wolf” scenario.

“Racist” is also frequently spewed out by people suffering from misplaced and nonsensical “white-guilt” or self-hatred. These people seem to purposefully feel the need to make a huge showing to everyone else and say, “lookit me — I’m NOT racist — I’m SUCH a good person”.

Of course this is all delusional, self-indulgent dialog that is directly out of a psychological textbook.  They feel the almost pathological need to feel the “warm fuzzies” and prove to the world they aren’t racist, (but of course, everyone else is). Once again — all a result of a type of incessant Orwellian Newspeak.

Make no mistake — true racism is ugly and vile. However, faux accusations of racism are equally as ugly and vile.

Who would have thought I would live to see some of Orwell’s predictions come true in my lifetime. It doesn’t help that America has become so dumbed-down over the years that it’s easy to manipulate the lowest common denominators in society.

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