Newsmax Loses Another Trump Campaign Top Adviser from Its Programming Over Mandates

Is Newsmax trying to lose viewers? Its’ a question many conservatives are beginning to ask themselves.

Newsmax seems determined to prove they won’t tolerate anyone not willing to get the experimental jab to work for them.

If you remember a month ago they tossed White House reporter and conservative truth slinger Emerald Robinson like a sack of potatoes for questioning it, now they’ve went after yet another Trump ally who worked for them.

Newsmax had been the “go-to” network for a lot of folks who ditched Fox News. They have put on some great programming like folks from Greg Kelly and Emerald Robinson, and America First and Trump ally Steve Cortes. Now Cortes is out at Newsmax also just like Robinson.

Our good friend Chuck Callesto first reported it.

Bixpacreview reported that Newsmax host and former Trump advisor Steve Cortes is reportedly exiting the network after a very public fallout over a company vaccine mandate, calling it a “Medical Apartheid mandate.”

Cortez is also a former CNN contributor, joined the conservative network just six months ago as the co-host of the weeknight show “Cortes & Pellegrino” with former One America News host Jenn Pellegrino.

As we reported here at The DC Patriot, newsmax informed employees that they would be implementing a vaccine mandate starting January 4, 2022. Employees will be required to be fully vaccinated by then, or subject to weekly Covid testing and wearing a mask.

But its’ a choice, trust them America!

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David E Gignac
David E Gignac
1 month ago

With all of the gonzo cowboy conservative news organizations proliferating I doubt either of these two will lose much sleep looking for work and may contribute to the next newsmax coming on line.

1 month ago

How could you newsmax. To find another conservative news channel. Now. Liked newsmax till now