New York Times Reporter Asks Warner Bros to Remove Speedy Gonzalez Because of Racism #CANCELCULTURE

Everything is offensive in Joe Biden’s America, as now a New York Times reporter has asked Warner Bros studios to remove the Speedy Gonzalez character from Looney Tunes.

A show that was harmless, funny, charismatic, and enjoyable for children all over the world is now being attacked by the Democrats and the media, shocker?

New York Times reporter Charles Blow publicly has now asked Warner Bros studios for the character of Speedy Gonzalez to be officially removed from Looney Tunes. According to Blow, this is because it is considered a racist stereotype for Mexican people.

Charles Blow, who penned the Dr. Seuss op-ed, argued that Speedy Gonzales’ on-screen friends “helped popularize the corrosive stereotype of the drunk and lethargic Mexicans.”

Blow is a huge advocate and fan of crying and cancel culture as you can see. He’d like to cancel anything that offends him or his friends on Martini night.

He later tweeted a video of Pepe, a cartoon French skunk who for many was way too touchy-feely with females on screen, forcibly hugging and kissing a cartoon cat as evidence that the character “normalized rape culture.”

What are your thoughts America? Tired of #CancelCulture yet?

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1 year ago

As for Pepe le Pew, speaking as one who watched the cartoons as an impressionable little girl — a girl who loved cats, btw — my take is, Pepe made it obvious that that sort of thing is NOT ok even though it was clear that Pepe wanted happiness, not power. I think it was a very funny look at the exact WRONG way to get what we want. He never succeeded, after all. There is an online webcomic, — Scandinavia and the World, where all the characters are their national stereotype. It’s hilarious, never mean, often amazingly informative.… Read more »

Jo A Ehlert
Jo A Ehlert
1 year ago

Stupid. It’s a cartoon nothing more. But it’s ok to have some broad sing about here nasty wap. Stop cancelling my culture. Non of you played dodgeball and it shows.
Bunch of whinny little pricks.