New York Times: President Trump wanted DOJ to Prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey

Somehow the New York Times thought this news was a hit piece that would hurt the President? It doesn’t do anything but ignite and fire up his base, confirming why we elected Trump in the first place.

The President has the backing of the silent majority, and he continues to push for justice in areas that the Department of Justice seems to refused to head in.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch President makes a great argument. Why hasn’t the DOJ acted and done the right thing in prosecuting these people that continue to break the law? It seems the DOJ only has one goal in mind, and that’s to make sure that career politicians do not face any prosecution what so ever, regardless of the crimes.

James Comey has spouted off in recent days that he wants a public hearing, as Congress has subpoenaed he along with Loretta Lynch. Comey and Lynch, have a paper trail of deceit and lies a mile long, let’s see if the still Republican controlled Congress has any luck getting anything out of them?

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