New York Post Columnist Predicts Who Biden Will Pick to be His Running Mate

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign has been narrowing down the list of possible candidates to serve as his running mate.

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine has predicted who she believes will be Biden’s pick: California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris.

“I think the interesting thing about Kamala Harris, though, is the fact that she’s coming out to showcase her ways just as she’s becoming the favorite as the vice president pick for Joe Biden,” Devine told “Fox & Friends,” referring to a DJ concert Harris will be attending to help campaign for Biden.

“As you see with this DJ promotion that she’s doing, she’s trying to inject some cool into the campaign and she is, after all, a good friend of President [Barack] Obama and he’ll be the sort of silent force behind the throne of Joe Biden.”

Fox News reported:

Devine said Democrats are trying to hold on to their “monopoly of the black vote” while President Trump bids to court African-Americans. Devine also said Biden will choose a woman of color as vice president to help court black voters.

“The fact that President Trump has quietly been wooing the black vote and doing quite well and I think that has been a real shock for the Democrats. They’re desperately trying to hold on to their monopoly on the black vote,” Devine said.

“Of course, Joe Biden made that almighty gaffe early on when he told a radio talk show host, a black talk show host, when you vote for Trump “you ain’t black.” I think that was a real gaffe and was played down by the campaign, but, since Joe Biden has already said that he’s going to choose a woman as his running mate, now he’s under pressure to choose a woman of color.”

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Thomas Weaver
Thomas Weaver
2 years ago

Willie Brown of the California legislature can probably testify to Kamala giving excellent lap dances, so there’s that…

2 years ago

Susan Rice will be the choice