New York Police Hunting Two Dangerous and Violent Serial Sexual Predators in Manhattan

Ever since New York took woke and crime to a new level, it’s been on a downward spiral towards hell the last three to four years. It completely has spun out of control with the liberal policies against the police, and now lawlessness is the norm in what was once America’s greatest city.

Sexual violence against women is also soaring in New York City. Police say they are hunting tow serial sexual predators who were recently caught on surveillance cameras while physically harassing women.

Recently, the New York Police Department (NYPD) released a video in which the same offender harassed multiple women within the span of one hour.

While releasing the video of the two disturbing events, the NYPD noted that the events depict a “criminal sexual assault pattern.” In the first clip, a male predator can be seen on an electric bike chasing a 23-year-old girl at nearly 4 am.

Afterward, the attacker chased the woman on foot and puller to the ground by grabbing her from the legs. According to police the attacker also penetrated the girl digitally.

In a completely separate incident, the same attacker chased a 28-year-old woman on an electric bike. Police stated that the attacker grabbed the victim, pulled her to the ground, and told her that he had a knife.

While the attacker did not show the knife to the girl, he still forced her to perform oral sex by displaying his genitals.

The NYPD is asking the public to help law enforcement in tracing a suspect in a June 10 sex crime case in which a male attacker grabbed the buttocks of a 30-year-old woman in broad daylight near Roosevelt Avenue.

According to the police, CCTV footage showed that the victim chased her attacker, who was seen entering a residential building by wearing a cowboy hat and holding a guitar.

However, police continued, the suspect appeared in different clothing from the same building later on, which suggests that he changed his clothes within the building.

As per the police, the June 10 suspect was a 20-year-old and five-feet-six-inch tall male with brown eyes and a medium complexion. Crimes in New York have been significantly rising, which has pushed the whole city into the doldrums.

New York is riddled with a crime wave and crime is up 31.1% compared to June of 2021. According to the latest statistics, 140 rapes were reported to the NYPD by the end of June 2022, compared to 136 rapes reported of June last year.

Reportedly, 44 rape incidents were reported last week alone, as per the NYPD data, which makes up roughly six rapes per day.

In addition to that, the police recorded 97 sex crimes other than rape last week. 

While it is only slightly larger than 95 incidents reported in the same week last year, this is a major surge from the same time period in 2020 when these crimes were 38.2% lower.

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