New York in Shambles as ‘Coke’ Dealers Peddle Drugs on Broadway and other Famous Streets

According to a report in The New York Post drug dealers are blatantly selling what appears to be cocaine, sometimes even neatly assembled on sidewalk tables.

Sometimes on Broadway in trendy NoMad and farther north in Times Square. They’re set up like a hotdog vender, and getting by with it.

Some of the drug dealers are even openly soliciting it, saying, “Weed, Cole. Weed, Coke” as regular pedestrians walk by, one disgusted restauranteur said in Eric Adams terribly ran city.

According to The New York Post, the observed two different buyers approach dealers on the corner of 27th Street and Broadway earlier this month and hand over cash in exchange for plastic baggies containing a mysterious white substance.

In Times Square, a New York Post journalist spotted a makeshift table with what appeared to be a pre-rolled joint selection on West 41st street. The journalist was also told they could get cocaine there too. Like literally eating up like a vendor, this is unreal. But what do you expect from a city that sets up indoor heated and cooled venues that are open 24/7 for addicts to do drugs so they won’t “overdose?”

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“They’re here before we open and when we close,” said Hannah Dolin, an employee at Aubi and Ramsa, which sells alcohol-infused ice cream and is near where the dealers set up shop.

Transactions according to the New York Post took place after three police cars sat near the location the night before.

As of last Thursday, the Precinct had received 41 narcotics related 911 calls and another 311 drug-related complaints covering two square blocks flanking Broadway, from West. 27th Street north to West 28th Street and from 5th Avenue west to Sixth Avenue, police said.

According to the report, Broadway has long attracted drug dealers, observers say, but they’ve gotten very bold in the last year. Putting their goods on coffee and folding tables as if they are selling fake Rolex’s and I Love New York T-Shirts.

One cluster of dealers on the northwest corner of West 27th Street and Broadway relax in chairs in front of one of the empty store fronts, directly across from the matcha tea shop and a popular Sweetgreen eatery.

My how America’s greatest city has truly fallen. Read more from our friends at the New York Post.

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