New York City Currently Holding Off on Firing 4,600 Police Officers Who Refused the Jab from Hell

New York City has reportedly backed off on the firing of New York Police Department (NYPD) officers who either refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine or to report their status to their employer. This retreat from enforcing NYPD Covid -19 mandate rule is out of dire necessity as the nation’s largest city comes into the grips of a violent crime wave, including mass shootings.

The New York Post reported that the city’s vaccine mandate has been put on pause as the NYPD stands to lose nearly 5,000 cops and city employees if the mayor’s office stubbornly enforces the mandate for a vaccine that has utterly failed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The Post reported that 91% of the city’s police force and staff are vaccinated, citing City Hall. That would leave an estimated 4,659 NYPD employees who are unvaccinated or refused to comply with vaccination status reporting by the deadline of October 29, 2021.

A veteran NYPD Sergeant told the Post, “In a nutshell, no decision will be made, no further members will be forced to leave until further notice. There hasn’t been any memo, just basically keep everything status quo and if issues arise, we will revisit it down the road.”

Michael Kane, head of Teachers Choice, told the Post that the group has been fighting COVID vaccine mandates. Kane lambasted the double standards, such as Mayor Eric Adams’ ‘exemption’ for professional athletes. Kane asked, “Why are certain city workers getting treated like they are professional athletes and why are other city workers being treated like they are expendable?”

Continuing Kane said, “It seems that they need to do it because there’s basically a crime wave in New York City. They’re going to be laying off cops or firing cops, trying to pressure and coerce them to get a shot? Tons of them are retiring. Especially for this new Mayor, who wants to be the law-and-order Mayor. He’s kind of stuck.”

“The mandates were not Mayor Adams’ program, but the de Blasio legacy. I feel like the city’s case against us is crumbling,” Kane added.

New York’s City Hall denied that there were any official changes in vaccine mandates enforcement. “We have not had any staffing challenges due to the mandate and it remain in effect. Terminations continue on a rolling basis,” City Hall spokesman Jonah Allon told the Post.

If NYC should continue the release of terminating for non vaccination or non-compliance with vaccination status reporting, these officers will be welcomed by several cities in other states, who are actively recruiting released NYPD officers.

Perhaps the strongest push to recruit unvaccinated police officers from area of the country where there are vaccine mandates has come from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who announced in October that officers who refused to comply with the vaccine mandates could come to Florida and get $5,000 cash bonuses if hired. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee followed suit in November.

“We’re actually actively working to recruit out-of-state law enforcement officers, because we do have needs,” DeSantis told Fox News.

DeSantis specifically mentioned the New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Seattle police departments as possible targets for recruitment. It appears that those cities got the message, as well as the politicians who disregarded public safety to push a pro-vaccine agenda.

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