New Wharton Study Reveals Exactly How Much ‘Build Back Better’ REALLY Costs

As you’ve probably heard the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, as well as the knucklehead of a President try to tell you that their “Build Back Better” plan is free, well it’s not. But you already knew that didn’t you?

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania issued a study last week that reveals President Joe Biden’s reconciliation package will to be free, although the White House continue to lie and claim it would cost “zero” dollars.

The study reportedly estimates that the cost of legislation will cost American taxpayers an extra $2.42 TRILLION in debt. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, it’s par for the course when Democrats are in office.

Punchbowl News reported that Wharton’s analysis says the “Build Back Better” plan is not completely paid for, and in fact it will increase spending by $1.87 trillion while increasing revenue by $1.56 trillion in the 10-year budget window.

All of the programs besides the clean energy credit become permanent, and that will increase spending by $3.98 trillion while the revenue would only increase by $1.56 trillion. Exciting times, as America goes further into debt with a moronic plan for green energy.

“Moderate” Democrats are particularly interested in the scoring of the legislation. Members of Blue Dog Coalition have requested a hold on the passage of the legislation “until we have had a chance to review these scores which provide the true cost of the legislation.”

Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), who is facing a tough reelection race in 2022, has many concerns she relayed Wednesday. “I believe that we need to take a vote on the infrastructure bill as soon as possible. And I think when it comes to the BBB, we need to have some time to be able to review it — the CBO and JCT tables — to understand how much spending and how much revenue is in the package,” she wrote.

And there needs to be some level of understanding as to whether or not this bill as written can survive the Senate procedural process,” she added.

Despite the Wharton study, the White House has claimed multiple times the legislation will cost nothing.

On September 28, the Washington Post reported Biden claimed his package would cost zero dollars. “We talk about price tags. It is zero price tag on the debt. We’re paying — we’re going to pay for everything we spend,” Biden said:

In October, a reporter finally questioned the White House about Biden’s claim.”Does the president still believe that Build Back Better will not add a dime to the national debt?” the reporter asked Psaki in a briefing.

“Correct. It won’t,” Psaki claimed.

“Why should Americans believe that?” the reporter asked.

“Because it won’t,” Psaki said flatly.

Thanks to our friends from Trending Politics for contributing to this article.

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Arthur J. Csombok
Arthur J. Csombok
10 months ago

Klaus schwab is the first one to mention b.b.b. “Why in the heck is pedo joe pushing somebody else’s BS? HMMMM? And “WHY” is this global cabal cop26 bull crap based on build back better nonsense? Hmmm? The great reset?? Ahhhhhhhhh. We are at war ladies and gents, were at war at many “fronts”.