New Troubling Details From Hunter Biden’s Laptop Have Been Revealed…

Jack Maxey, former co-host of War Room Pandemic, appeared in an interview recently on One American Podcast with Chase Geiser, to reveal details about the contents of a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden.

He has been diligent in keeping the media’s focus on the laptop of Hunter Biden as much as he can.

Evidence of international corruption during Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency is detailed in communications allegedly found on Hunter’s laptop:

Maxey joined One American Podcast host Chase Geiser to discuss the laptop’s contents in a very detailed and the most detailed interview in the history of his discussions about it. Maxed stated that he would be posting accompanying documents, as social media platforms continue to bump him off and ban him. Maxey has been suspended from Twitter among other platforms as the elites work diligently to silence him.

Maxey speaking with Geiser in an interview explains the contents and what he feels like were the ramifications to the safety and security of the country regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

● During his time in office, Vice President Joe Biden Allowed Hunter To Exploit The Office In Order To Leverage
Lucrative Business Deals
● Evidence Of An Inappropriate Relationship With A Minor Is Alleged To Have Been Found In Text Messages
& Images
● Hours Of Footage Of Hunter Apparently Abusing Drugs Were Found, Including Over 20 Hours Of Explicit Content

Watch The Whole Interview Here:

Jack Maxey, previous co-host of War Room Pandemic with Steve Bannon, shares insights for over 2 hours regarding the contents of Hunter Biden’s Laptop with One American Podcast Host, Chase Geiser.

He has been tireless in maintaining the media’s emphasis on the PC of Hunter Biden however much he can. Jack Maxey is missing on Wikipedia. He experienced childhood in Pennsylvania, went to Yale, and served in the Navy.

Maxey is a Navy Veteran and previous co-host of the War Room Podcast. He has been a hero of reality with regards to the group of Democrat Joe Biden for quite a while.

Further, Maxey has been the sole force keeping the contents of the PC in broad daylight. Additionally, he has been requesting straightforwardness via government examinations.

As per DJHJ Media, “Maxy reported on Facebook that he had conveyed a duplicate of the hard drive to that infamous Hunter Biden PC to the Senate Judiciary Committee and beseeched them to explore his discoveries; the Bidens have a long line of harmful conduct against the Republic.”

Since its first episode in May of 2021, One American Podcast has been dedicated to exploring American values, politics, and philosophy with controversial political influencers.

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