New Survey Says The Majority of Americans Wants Special Council to Investigate Hunter Biden

A new survey now says that the majority of Americans want President Biden’s son, Hunter investigated by a special council.

From shady business dealings with Chinese and Ukrainian companies, tax fraud allegations, and other trouble with the law, it seems both Republicans and Democrats feel someone should investigate Hunter Biden.

They also feel that someone should be a special council, and free of political influence, or as much as they can be.

TIPP Insights conducted a poll in which it asked Americans: “Should a special counsel be appointed to investigate Hunter Biden?”

The survey found that 85% of Republicans, 65% of Democrats, and 66% of independents agree that Hunter Biden’s case should be handled by a special prosecutor outside the Justice Department.

El American reported:

The macro results of the poll are as follows: 42% of all respondents “agree” that a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate Hunter Biden; 26% “somewhat agree” with the same premise; only 7% said they “somewhat disagree”; 6% said they “strongly disagree”; and 18% said they did not know what to decide.

Rounding out the numbers, 68% of respondents tend to agree that Hunter Biden should be investigated by a special prosecutor. Meanwhile, only 13% tend to disagree, outnumbered even by the number of undecideds.

While most Democrats and Republicans agree that the case should not be handled by the Biden administration, they differ in their reasons.

“Democrats may want to see the Bidens acquitted by an independent counsel to find closure on the issue; Republicans may see the issue as presenting a window of opportunity to study Biden family affairs. Either way, the public has clearly stated they support the appointment of a special counsel.”

TIPP Insights said, “The nationwide study had a sample of 1,436 Americans, ages 18 and older, and TechnoMetrica’s network of panel partners provided the study sample. Upon completion of the study, TechnoMetrica weighted the data set by gender, age, race, education and geographic region to reflect known benchmarks such as the U.S. Census.”

What are your thoughts? Should Hunter be investigated?

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Wing Walker
Wing Walker
1 year ago

BOTH of these scumbag douche’s need to be investigated !! They’re BOTH CROOKS and one only has to ask the Ukrainian Government about the millions of $$$ these two rocket scientists have stolen from their country.
But THEY ARE PISSED !!! The Demented Old guy is naturally Brain Dead .. the Son is Chemically Brain Dead !!!!