New Superman Character Will Be Bisexual DC Comics Says, Former Superman HAMMERS Them: ‘It isn’t bold or brave’

That’s right, it’s 2021 and even Superman is woke as hell America. DC Comics made the announcement a few days ago that their new Superman will be bisexual.

That’s right, he plays for both teams, who knew?

DC Comics announced that is new Superman character Jonathan Kent, who is the son of original Superman Clark Kent and his wife Lois Lane is bisexual.

The company announced that Jon will begin a romance with a close male friend (because what growing boy trying to be manly doesn’t want to read about this, instead of stopping villains and bad guys), a refugee ‘hacktivist’ reporter, in a new issue of Superman: Son of Kal-El.

Former Superman Dean Cain, 55, who played the legendary superhero in the hit 90’s TV series Lois & Clark took shots at DC Comics for their woke motivations on Tuesday’s Fox & Friends.

Cain pointed out that several superheroes, including other DC Comics characters have come out as gay or bisexual, and that this isn’t anything “bold” or “new.”

“They said it’s a bold new direction… I say they’re bandwagoning,’ Cain said in his on-air interview. ‘Robin, of Batman and Robin, just came out as bi or gay recently and honestly who’s really shocked about that one? I had some thoughts about that a long time ago.

“The new Captain America is gay, my daughter in [the CW series] Supergirl, where I played the father, she was gay.

“So I don’t think it’s bold or brave or some crazy new direction. If they had done this 20 years ago, perhaps that would have been bold or brave.

Cain also took aim at these issues, insisting that DC Comics could have done much more to highlight the impact of ‘real evil in the world’ like human trafficking, women’s rights in Afghanistan, or corruption. 

“Brave would be having him fighting for the rights of gay people in Iran where they’ll throw you off a building for the offence of being gay,” he said. 

“They’re talking about him fighting real-world problems like climate change and the deportation of refugees and he’ll be dating a “hacktivist” whatever a “hacktivist” is, I don’t know.

“Why don’t they have him fight the injustices that created the refugees whose deportation he’s protesting? That would be brave, I’d read that. Or fighting for the rights of women to attend school and have the ability to work and live, and boys not to be raped by men under the new warm and fuzzy Taliban. That would be brave.

“There’s real evil in this world today, real corruption and government overreach, plenty of things to fight against. Human trafficking, real actual slavery going on… it would be brave to tackle those issues, shine a light on those issues. I’d like to see the character doing that. I’d read that comic.”

Cain – who was appearing on the show from his house in Spain – shared his thoughts on the new Superman storyline just one day after DC Comics made the announcement about the superhero coming out as bisexual, just two months after the company announced that Batman sidekick Robin was dating a man. 

Cain even took shots at Captain America’s character from Marvel where he makes the remarks that the American dream “isn’t really” for everyone.

“I love the concept of Captain America, but I am so tired of this wokeness and anti-Americanism,’ Cain said of the comic. ‘In my opinion, America is the greatest country in history. It’s not perfect. We are constantly striving for a more perfect union, but I believe she’s the most fair, equitable country anyone’s ever seen, and that’s why people are clamoring to get here from all over the globe.

Do you agree with Cain? Are you tired of the woke nonsense in our cancel culture world? Comment below with your thoughts.

Thanks to our friends at The Daily Mail for contributing to this article.

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