New Study Shows Veganism and Vegetarianism Could Lead to Higher Risk of Stroke

Scary news for those who’ve thought a plant based diet was better for you.

The study shows that Veganism and Vegetarianism could lead to a higher risk of stroke.

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The study looked at 48,188 people, 51 percent of whom (24,428) ate meat, 16 percent were pescatarians (7,506), and the remaining 34 percent (16,254) were vegetarian or vegan (percentages are rounded).

While the study found that pescatarians and vegetarians both had a lower risk of ischaemic heart disease (13 percent for pescatarians and 22 percent for vegetarians). However, “vegetarians had 20% higher rates of total stroke … than meat eaters, equivalent to three more cases of total stroke … per 1000 population over 10 years, mostly due to a higher rate of haemorrhagic stroke.” Comparatively, vegetarians had 10 fewer cases of heart disease for the same group size and time period.

Tong told CNN that while it wasn’t clear what caused this increase in stroke risk, it could be caused by “very low cholesterol levels or very low levels of some nutrients.” While still having a lower risk of heart disease than meat eaters, pescatarians did not have the increased risk of stroke that vegetarians exhibited.

She also stressed to Time magazine that there still seemed to be benefits to vegetarianism since “[t]he lower risk of heart disease does seem to outweigh the higher risk of stroke.” – READ MORE

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