New Rule: ‘Democracy Dies in Dumbness’ Bill Maher Obliterates Washington Post and Millennials Over Not Being Able to Take a Joke (VIDEO)

Nothing captures what’s wrong with today’s “journalism” like the sad saga of what happened last week at The Washington Post.

Host of Real Time, Bill Maher, obliterates the post for suspending an employee who retweeted a funny joke that some of their woke millennial employees found “offensive”.

Washington Post triggered reporter Felicia Sonmez and other members of the woke newsroom were offended by a tweet by post reporter Dave Weigel. He retweeted a joke, and they just couldn’t have it because that was offensive to them. The Post was even dumb enough to suspend him for 30 days without pay over the retweet. Keep in mind, it was a retweet, not a tweet.

Here’s the tweet where the triggered report was super duper offended like the woke Millennial she is.

“Can you imagine a world that allows jokes you don’t like? Of course, the leadership folded like a Miami condo,” he said, falling back on the tired trope that the tweet did not reflect the institution’s values, “free speech not being one of them.”

“You think my generation is an eyeroll,” Maher said. “Let me tell you about the younger generation. Your sense of entitlement is legendary,” he said, also attacking “your attention span and work ethic,” specifically “the unqualified little shit who doesn’t understand why he’s not a producer yet.” He added that the WaPo story had such resonance because we all know the stereotypical players in it.

“The crybabies are still winning,” Maher said. “They complain they haven’t taken over yet. The fact that the Post’s response was to punish one of their best reporters shows the kindergarten is still in charge.”

“All this time blubber-tweeting. Don’t you have anything better to do? Aren’t you supposed to be reporters digging up stuff? This is why you’re not in charge. If someone named Deep Throat called today and wanted to meet, this crew of emotional hemophiliacs would have an anxiety attack and report to HR they didn’t feel safe.”

Maher did take hope in the fact that the WaPo eventually did fire Sonmez. “Maybe there’s a line. That generation has to find that line and move it closer to sanity. Because democracy dies in dumbness.”


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