NEW REPORT: Over 70,000 Gang Members Across Georgia Include Children & Correctional Officers

According to a new report coming out of Atlanta, Georgia. Investigators believe that there are now more than 70,000 game members across the entire state. 

They believe the gang members are able to remain active by infiltrating the prison system, and recruiting correctional officers who then turn and assist in the respective gang’s bidding. 

The Gang’s are also now targeting children the report says. Gangs are growing, and they’re targeting children as young as 9 years old via the internet. 

Georgia Department of Correction Director Clay Nix recently spoke at the Georgia Anti Gang Network meeting this past week and added these statistics. 

“Across the state, how many investigations do you have going on involving the corruption of corrections officers by gangs?” Winne asked Georgia Department of Correction Director Clay Nix. 

“Numerous,” Nix answered. 

Nix said Georgia’s prison system is not only battling against inmates who are in gangs, but also corrections officers, who are recruited after hiring.

“Also, they reach out to other gang members who have no criminal record and encourage them to come to work for us,” Nix said.  

“That’s happened?” Winne asked Nix. 

“It has. Several times in the past,” Nix said.

You can read more of this report via Channel 2 Action News

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