New Report Alleges Moronic Idea from White House to Address Insane Gas Prices of Americans

It is pretty simple to understand, the Biden team has been lying when it comes to gas prices. They have blamed Putin, and everything and anything else they can think of. But a new report shows that either they don’t understand the real cause of inflation or they simply don’t care about the cause, because they were considering doing something that would make everything worse.

The new report from Axios alleges that the White House had been thinking about giving Americans gas cards to help them to pay for gas and offset the high prices. That way, they could say they were “doing something about the high prices.​”

So, they were going to address gas prices by spending more and making inflation rise even higher? That was too dumb even for the House Democrats, who nixed the idea. Once it leaked out that was what was being considered, the White House denied it. But that was just part of a package they were debating to deal with prices, according to Axios.

Democrats in both chambers have been brainstorming ideas on legislation to lower gas prices after they reached record high levels last.

Other ideas being discussed include stimulus checks, using more ethanol to lower the demand for oil, and canceling oil companies’ federal leases that aren’t actively being used, the senior Democratic aide told Axios.

Various Democrats have also already introduced bills that would suspend the federal gas tax; raise taxes on oil companies to fund means-tested assistance; or provide a federal rebate whenever gas prices get above $4 per gallon.

You still see the same lack of understanding of the causes of inflation, with the idea to include even more stimulus checks. You see them try to punish companies who already have to deal with government restrictions. But what you don’t see is the Biden administration lifting restrictions on oil companies so they can drill. You don’t see them listening to what Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) said about finishing the Mountain Valley pipeline. You don’t see long-term solutions to a problem that they created by attacking our energy production.

They’re even willing to reach out to our enemies and buy from countries like Iran and Venezuela, rather than increasing our supply domestically. Why would you do that or give out gas cards, when the means exist in our own country to ensure our energy independence?

We appreciate our friends at Axios and Republican Daily for content in this article.

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