New Polls Show Trump Pulling Away From Biden in Multiple Categories

Former President Donald Trump continues to outperform President Joe Biden on a variety of key issues, a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll taken in September has shown.

Biden’s overall approval rating is underwater, as a majority, 55% disapprove of his job performance, compared to 41% who approve. And, Biden fails to garner significant support on a variety of key issues facing the country. Perhaps more impressive, Trump’s ratings in January 2021 continue to outperform Biden’s current approval ratings.

For instance, Trump saw a 56% approval rating on the economy in January 2021. Biden’s rating on the economy inSeptember 2022 stood at 37%, falling from 61% approval in February 2021, right after taking office.

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Similarly, a majority, 52%, approved of Trump’s handling of immigration in January 2021. Biden’s September approval rating stood at 37%. 

This trend continues on a variety of issues ahead of the midterms:

Stimulating Jobs

Trump January 2021: 58%

Biden September 2022: 44%

Fighting Terrorism

Trump January 2021: 55%

Biden September 2022 42%

Foreign Affairs

Trump January 2021: 52%

Biden September 2022: 40%

Administering the Government

Trump January 2021: 49%

Biden September 2022: 41%

Biden only hold the edge in one category polled, leading Trump by two points on reacting to the Chinese coronavirus.

Biden also sees abysmal approval ratings on crime, 38%, and handling inflation, 36%. The data on those two subjects were not available for Trump in January 2021.

The survey was taken September 7-8, 2022, among 1,85 registered voters.

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