New Polling Shows Women Will Have Major Impact on Midterm Elections: Don’t Blow It Ladies, Get Rid of the Dems

​In a new poll by Reuters, updated on July 7, from a sample of 1,003 adults, revealed that, even though women and suburb voters helped drag President Biden to the finish line in the 2020 election, now after less than two years, only one-third of them approve of his presidency. The updated poll had a margin of error of 4%.

According to Reuters, only 34% of women and suburban voters approves approve of Biden’s term in office. Biden’s approval amongst these key demographics has steadily been on the decline since the summer of 2021.

It is known that approximately 57% of women voted for Biden in 2020, earning more female votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016. Although Biden made subsequent gains of about 3% with female voters in 2020, Trump’s popularity only increased by approximately 1%.

According to the poll, the economy was the most important issue on Americans’ minds, with crime being a close second.

New York Republican Representative Claudia Tenny told the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF), “This administration continues to prioritize awoke, out-of-touch agenda over the needs and interests of working mothers and families. As women’s sports are under attack, energy costs skyrocket, inflation soars, and the border crisis rages on, the New Yorkers I represent have simply had enough of Joe Biden’s complete lack of leadership and his utter incompetence.”

According to the poll the shift in women’s opinions on Biden follow a larger trend in American politics, as the President has an overall 36% approval rating amongst all demographics. Even now, Democrats continue to lose faith in Biden, with only 69% of party members approving of his tenure.

A senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum, told the DCNF, “Women, no less than men, are feeling the pressure from inflation and pain at the pump. They’re also on the front lines of some of the cultural fights in which the Biden administration’s commitments are sharply opposed by a bipartisan majority of Americans, such as concern about gender ideology in schools and preservation of women’s sports, issues the Biden administration has doubled down on with recently released Title IX regulations.”

The female vote could have a vital impact on this coming election, with 83% of women over the age of 50 not knowing who or how they will vote come this November, according to the American Association of Retired Persons. The report also affirmed that the economy is the most pressing issue this election season.

We appreciate our friends at DCNF for content in this article.

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