New Poll Shows Joe Biden Stresses Americans Out BIGLY

If you haven’t noticed it when you’re out and about, but America is literally falling apart at the seems in just 14 short months of a Joe Biden presidency, and a Democrat led House and Senate.

New polls show that Biden is not just a disaster, but he’s stressing Americans out to a point of no return.

Americans claim they are experiencing spikes in anxiety and stress in President Joe Biden’s America.

Hell, why wouldn’t they? Rising gas prices, record inflation, WWIII on the brink in Europe, empty shelves in stores across the country, America is a dumpster fire floating down the river, and it only took these idiots 14 months to do it.

Couple that stress with ridiculous and moronic lockdowns, mandates, masking, and the media’s 24/7 stress brigade of programming, it’s no wonder Americans are on the brink of snapping.

81% pointed to supply chain issues as a significant source of stress, followed by global uncertainty being at 81%, potential retaliation from Russia was at 80% and the Russian invasion of Ukraine that was provoked by the Biden White House was at 80% also.

Check out this tweet and the price increases in just one year in Metamucil Joe’s America.

Gas prices are approaching an average of $5.00 per gallon nationwide and rising fast thanks to the idiots in the White House, and the incompetence of D.C. in general.

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