New Poll Shows 75% of Americans are Unhappy with Biden Presidency

Guess what? Finally, President Joe Biden and the Democrats have managed to do something we didn’t think would ever happen. That is, the majority of Americans are agreeing on is the fact that the Democrats and President Joe Biden, are leading our country down a horrible path and we are all tired of and have had enough of it.

According to a new Fox News poll 75% of Americans are dissatisfied with our nation under the direction of Biden.

And before you dismiss this as being invalid just because it’s a Fox News poll, other data points suggest that this is actually right on the money. As the Post Millennial notes, this high percentage of Americans being dissatisfied with Biden’s administration continues to repeat itself.

In July, a New York Times/Siena College poll reflected the same outcome of 75% of Americans believed the country is headed in the wrong direction. The Times wrote that the poll showed a “country gripped by a pervasive sense of pessimism” with a sense of national dread that “spans every corner of the country, every age range and racial group, cities, suburbs and rural areas, as well as both political parties.”

In May, the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Research found the same numbers as only about two in ten adults believed America was heading in the right direction or that the economy was in a good condition.

This is paired with consistently sinking approval numbers. As RedState previously reported, Biden’s poll numbers are falling like a rock, going from 38% to 30% approval in the span of a week.

It seems the closer to the midterms the more Republicans are gaining more and more confidence from voters. As RedState reported last Friday, Republicans have consistently scored higher when asked whether Republicans or Democrats handle thing more competently. Most categories saw voters’ trust in Republicans more and in double digits.

As for former President Donald Trump, thanks to the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago a week ago, his numbers are surging higher than ever. Trump’s popularity has skyrocketed and are now giving him the most favorable odds to win a 2024 presidential election than ever before.

As of this writing, Democrats have really injured their chances in the midterms. Many of these politicians may be facing the unemployment line for at least the next two years. While 2024 is still two years away, if Democrats continue this pace, the short-term future doesn’t look so good, and Trump may very well earn another term in the White House.

The possibility of Trump winning in 2024 would be incredibly bad news for the Democrats. With a president that will be ready to settle the score, he would also likely have all branches of government leaning toward constitution conservatism by that time.

We do appreciate our friends at Republican Daily for their contribution in this article.

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