New Poll Shows 45% of Gay Men Now Support President Trump for November Elections

The polls and winds of change they are blistery and are moving in the direction of the President from all angles.

A recent survey of 1,200 gay men in the United States found that 45 percent planned on voting for Republican President Donald Trump.

The poll, conducted by the queer men’s social app Hornet, actually asked 10,000 of its users worldwide about their preferred presidential candidate. But while 66 percent of worldwide users supported Biden and 34 percent supported Trump, the percentages among U.S. men were much closer.

The media has done everything in its power to spin this poll, including that saying 51% said they would vote for Biden. They refuse to react to the fact that 45% of Gay men saying they will support the President is HUGE, and this was NOT a conservative polling group.

The rest of this article from Newsweek was blasting out opinions and trying to give you a reason on why they feel that way, but in reality they’re mad the poll backfired on them.

You can read more of the insanity here at Newsweek.

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